2019 Recipient Stories

2019 Recipient Stories

Below are some inspiring messages of gratitude sent by past recipients of New Relationship Trust Foundation Scholarships and Bursaries.

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Liza Haldane – Nisga’a Village of Laxgalts’ap

Early Childhood Care & Education | Coast Mountain College
Indigenous Early Years Bursary Award Recipient

My name is Liza Haldane. I am from the House of Duuk and the Laxgibuu Clan. I am a proud mother of three and our family is nestled in the community of Laxgalts’ap within the Nisga’a Nation. I have chosen ECCE because I strongly believe my Ancestors have guided me here. Many of my people are suffering from detrimental childhood experiences due to the effects of colonization and residential school. My current practice is rooted in social emotional wellness and brain development. I will continue my educational journey to influence various levels and sectors that support First Nations people.

“What a wonderful program! Your application process is clear and informative. I know there are fewer and fewer applicants for ECCE each year and this bursary is an amazing incentive to keep students in the field. Thank you for this opportunity!”

Jessica Creyke – Witset Band

Bachelor of Education | University of British Columbia
Indigenous Early Years Undergraduate Award Recipient

Hadih! Jessica Creyke Dzitni. I am from the Wet’suwet’en Nation in Northern BC. I am Likht’samis’yu (Killerwhale). I am currently enrolled in the NITEP Program at University of British Columbia. I have always had a passion for working with children and youth. I decided to pursue Education to show my three children that education is the key to success. My ultimate goal is to return to my community and work with our Wet’suwet’en children. Apart from school, my passion lies in instilling culture and language in my children. Tabi Misiyh’ NRTF.

“I truly appreciate this opportunity! Initiatives like this make the hurdles of going to school more bearable and achievable. Tabi Misiyh'”

Joshua Nash – Tahltan Band

Doctor of Medicine | University of Calgary
First Nations Health Authority Doctorate Award Recipient

Hello, I’m Joshua Nash and currently a second-year medical student at the University of Calgary. I’m the second oldest amongst my eleven siblings. My future aspirations are to work with my First Nations community and those in the North to increase accessibility and convenience to medical services. Like many Indigenous youth growing up, I didn’t always have the most conducive learning environment and my educational journey has been by no means easy, I have always been inspired and reminded by our Elders to keep going and to stay focused on your goals.

“I would like to sincerely take the time to thank NRTF and the First Nations Health Authority who allow me to continue my education and reach goals in my life that I’ve only ever dreamed of. Financial barriers have been the largest stressors during my time in school and this award makes it possible to concentrate more on my studies. As a two-spirited Indigenous medical student it allows me to exist in these spaces, to support an environment that welcomes other Indigenous students, and to motivate my siblings and other youth that its okay to be yourself.”

Kayla Davis – Old Massett Village Council

Kinesiology | Langara College
First Nations Health Authority Bursary Award Recipient

I am the member of the Haida Nation from Haida Gwaii, which is a secluded island on the north coast. I’m in the first year of the Kinesiology program at Langara college in Vancouver. My end goal is to become an Occupational Therapist and to return to Haida Gwaii in order to pursue my career. I want to contribute to the community and set a good example for my family.

“I would like to thank the NRT foundation and the First Nations Health Authority for their support of my academic goals. I appreciate the opportunity and will use the bursary to help with my first year of post-secondary.”

Simon Gurney – Huu-ay-aht First Nations

Plumbing & Pipe Trades Foundation | Camosun College
New Relationship Trust Foundation Bursary Award Recipient

My name is Simon Gurney and I am from the Huu-ay-aht First Nation. I am pursuing a career in Plumbing. I have completed two of four levels so far on my journey and one day will become a Red Seal Journeyman Plumber. I know there will be unlimited work (water works) ahead and that I can work anywhere in Canada and even in all parts of the world. One day I might have my own Plumbing Business!

“I am very pleased you accept Trades students for Scholarships and Bursaries. Thank you!”

Ryan Rogers – Musqueam Indian Band

Bachelor of Commerce | University of British Columbia
Dilawri Undergraduate Award Recipient

I am an aspiring Marketing Professional currently in my fourth year at UBC’s Sauder School of Business studying a marketing specialization. I have experience working in the Indigenous tourism industry. I enjoy making a difference in Aboriginal communities and seeing results happen from my hard work. I enjoy playing soccer, tennis, and snowboarding for fun and I have a strong passion for traveling.

Lynn Michel – Fort Nelson First Nation

Accounting and Finance Diploma | College of New Caledonia
Connor, Clark & Lunn Foundation Bursary Award Recipient

My name is Lynn Michel and I am from Fort Nelson First Nation. I am currently a full time student at the College of New Caledonia in Prince George BC, working towards a diploma in Business Management for the next 2 years. When I complete my diploma, my goal is to attend university in order to get a Business degree within the next 4 years. My goal is to start a small business in my community and be able to apply my newly gained knowlege and be very successful at it. Thank You!

“I would like to thank the NRTF and Connor, Clark & Lunn for the Bursary and I appreciate it very much, this will help me with school and my financial needs while I attend CNC. Thank you very much..”

Michelle Walsh – Nadleh Whut’en First Nation

Master of Science in Environmental Science | Thompson Rivers University
Canfor Masters Award Recipient

Hadih, my name is Michelle Walsh and I’m a proud member of the Dakelh Nation, lhtseh yoo (Frog) clan. My best memories are of my grandparents taking us to set netd on Nadleh Bunk’ut. Witnessing first-hand the importance of Salmon inspired me to pursue a Fisheries career. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from SFU and am working on my graduate studies at TRU. I love being a positive role model for Indigenous youth because no matter your situation, some education and a positive attitude can take you anywhere – believing in yourself is the key.

“I’d like to extend my sincerest thanks to Canfor for selecting me for this scholarship!! Knowing that the financial burden is lessened goes a long way in allowing me to focus on completing my graduate degree. Mussi cho (Thank you) NRTF and Canfor for helping me along the way.”

Akimi Okabe – Nisga’a Village of Laxgalts’ap

Accounting | Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Peace Hills Trust Bursary Award Recipient

I am a proud single mother of two children, Liam and Avery. I am currently in the Business Program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University pursuing a diploma in Accounting. I have worked for my Nation for the past 8 years and would like to further my education and look forward to new opportunities in the future.

Aidan Lenhart-Baker – Squamish Nation

Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics | Ottawa University
Scotiabank Undergraduate Award Recipient

Some of my short-term goals in life include finishing my Undergraduate degree in Business economics and Accounting, while at the same time working towards earning my second NAIA college mens lacrosse All American award this season. Following graduation I would like to get involved with the business world and begin laying the foundation for the rest of my career. Through this involvement I hope to gain experience and knowlegde which I can bring back and contribute to my community, maybe one day also becoming a major influence and contributor to the future of the Squamish Nation and my family.

Latisha Basran – Cook’s Ferry First Nation

Administrative Assistant | Okanagan College
Drillwell Enterprises Bursary Award Recipient

I would like to gain work experience as an Administrative assistant. I would like to work in a career that helps other people. It is important to me that I work in a career that positively influences my community. In the following years, I plan to further my education. I would like to work towards a Masters Degree in the future.

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