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The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) is a health service delivery organization, created and mandated to support and elevate BC First Nations health outcomes through the creation of an effective health care system. Since its inception, the FNHA has been working to increase the number and retention of First Nations people in health careers. Education is a key factor in achieving these goals. With a vision of healthy, self-determining and vibrant children, families and communities, FNHA has chosen to partner with the New Relationship Trust Foundation to encourage First Nations people to explore exciting career opportunities in the health field.

There are a multitude of career opportunities in health, and many programs can be completed in under a year. Working in health can bring a sense of satisfaction in helping others on their path to wellness. It is a dynamic, ever-changing environment, and there is a growing demand for jobs. By investing in First Nations students, FNHA aims to train those with a passion for working in First Nations communities, who have an interest in supporting community health by providing culturally safe services.

FNHA raises our hands to all the students who have received scholarships and bursaries and look forward to supporting those yet to come. FNHA recognizes your hard work and dedication to your own dreams and also acknowledge your families who support you. You are an inspiration to other First Nations people who may choose to pursue a career in health.

NRTF | First Nations Students Scholarships |

The Ministry of Children and Family Development’s Provincial Office for the Early Years mandate is to ensure that:

Investments and efforts made under the B.C. Early Years Strategy results in maximum benefit for children and families in B.C. The Strategy outlines the provincial government’s commitment to supporting young children and their families and highlights the importance of healthy early childhood development.

Partners across the early years sector work together and leverage policies and investments to ensure that families with young children can access an integrated system of programs and services.

The public understands the early years priorities, roles and opportunities.

The Provincial Office for the Early Years appreciates all who are interested in the areas of study in the Early Years and wish you all the greatest success in your educational and career journey.


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