The New Relationship Trust Foundation is pleased to offer Bursaries to Certificate, Diploma, Associates Degrees, and/or Trades to interested and eligible Indigenous students. Eligible students who are enrolled in a post-secondary institution and remain in good academic standing are encouraged to apply for an NRT Foundation Bursary. Successful applicants are eligible for a maximum of two years of funding in the same field.


Students must meet the below criteria to be eligible for a NRT Foundation Second Call award.

• First Nations (status or non-status) member of a British Columbia First Nation community
• Planning to attend an accredited post-secondary institution on a full-time basis anywhere in the world

Available Bursaries

  • NRT Foundation Bursary awards
  • First Nations Health Authority Bursary awards
  • Keegan Combes Memorial Bursary awards
  • Drillwell Enterprises Bursary awards
  • Peace Hills Trust Bursary awards
  • BC Council of Forest Industries Bursary awards
  • Coastal GasLink Bursary Awards

More information about these Partners and their awards can be found on the Donors page.

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Application Forms

The NRT Foundation application is due June 24, 2022 at 4:30pm PST.

NRT Foundation Bursaries are awarded for:

  • Trades;
  • Associate Degrees;
  • Certificate; and
  • Diploma.

Examples of Ineligible Fields of Study:

  • College Prep/Upgrading Programs/Highschool Programs
  • Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctorate programs
  • Professional Fees / schools
  • Education at non-recognized post-secondary institutions
  • Executive / Management programs
  • Conferences/Symposiums/Workshops

Foundation Partnerships

The NRT Foundation works with industry partners to build the capacity of BC First Nations through investments in education. These industry partnerships provide additional funding for specific fields of study to enable the NRT Foundation to award more scholarships and bursaries each year.

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