Investing in First Nations in British Columbia

Frequently Asked Questions

Why support Aboriginal Education?

It Benefits First Nations

First Nations have been historically disadvantaged at all levels of education attainment; investing in First Nations education achieves a profound effect in addressing these disparities:

  • 20.6 percentage point gap in high school completion rates between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians;
  • 37% of Aboriginal youth have some form of post-secondary compared to 51% of non-Aboriginal youth;
  • • Non-Aboriginal Canadians are 5 times more likely to have a university degree than First Nations; and
  • $2,000 less per capita spent on First Nations primary & secondary education than the rest of BC.

It Benefits British Columbia's Economy

British Columbia is facing a growing skilled labour shortage; investing in First Nations education builds a workforce that guarantees British Columbia’s future economic prosperity.

  • With nearly half of the First Nations population under the age of 25, it is estimated by the federal government that over 600,000 Aboriginal youth will enter the labour market in the next 25 years;
  • First Nations communities are located in close proximity to an overwhelming majority of urban centres, towns, and rural work sites; and
  • First Nations are looking to Industry as a partner to improve education and employment outcomes in their communities.
  • The Province of BC is aiming to capitalize on new resource intensive industries to build BC’s economy. The current labour force is not yet prepared to meet those needs.

How Many Students has the NRT Foundation Awarded Post Secondary Financial Ad to, to Date?

The NRT Foundation has supported 1,719 scholarship and bursary recipients from First Nations communities across British Columbia.

How much of my donation goes to administration and overhead?

The NRT Foundation allocates 90% the annual budget to direct financial aid for First Nations post-secondary students and schools. Just 6% of our annual expenses are spent on the organization’s administration & governance and 4% is allocated towards fundraising events and activities.